The Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Gang

Ouroboros, Matilda, and the Napkin.

Listen to their tale on episode 8 of the DeadDang podcast.

Tater Tot

Fun fact: The only reason I ever made this was because I was angry and thought, "What do I need to do to get likes on Twitter? Make a disintegrating Pizza Thot fly into Homer Simpson?.....Wait that actually sounds funny..."

And it actually worked.

Also I swear I'll actually start putting new stuff on this blog soon. I just haven't been doing a whole lot of actual new stuff. I'm working on a new DeadDang Animated though, not sure when I'll get around to completing that.

The Best of the Older Art

Character (c) Sony Pictures
Character (c) CLXCool

Video dump

Hey, it's the maid ladies

From the never-ending development of that cartoon thing. Also I'm on Blogger now apparently.